Malta Taking London Year on Year

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So last night I found myself at Malta takes London 2016 in its fourth year running – a one day live music showcase bringing London’s Maltese talent, as well as a few who make the long trip from the rock, together to perform.

As a Maltese music lover living and working in London, having not made last year’s showcase I made it a point to get myself there this year despite the biting cold (a reality I will never get used to).

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to catch all of the vast array of acts however, the ones I did see definitely left an impression. The standard overall was definitely on a London level and as always some acts stood out.

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 18.26.14.png
Fuzzhoneys – Great vocal style with a clear influence from The White Stripes. The drummer’s sarcasm – spot on! Great to see an all girl band rocking it. Their website is pretty sick too.- check it out.

I Am Willow‘s voice and simple performance was really engaging- probably the first time all night that the entire audience was silent (now that’s saying something).


Caught The Ranch jamming… definitely some musicianship there.

A host of other great acts took part including Federica, Rob Harbour, No Snow/No Alps and NBOME.

There definitely is something about the Maltese. What we might lack in meticulous technique we make up for in charm and the running commentaries between songs from both the acts and the crowd left us chuckling the night away.

If the music wasn’t enough, to my excitement, Maltese drinks were available at the bar – Cisk and (my personal favourite) Kinnie – what a treat!


You should never forget where you came from and I make it a point in my own work in music business to scout and encourage Maltese talent, having recently scouted and signed an amazing Maltese indie folk band, The Busker to DMS Publishing.

It really was great to see Maltese individuals pull together overseas. Sadly,  as almost any Maltese artist will attest, this isn’t too common when it comes to the arts. It’s not the talent that is lacking but opportunity and backing. Malta Takes London gives artists an opportunity. It is not only a platform but serves as encouragement for more Maltese musicians and artists to team up and work together.

I left the event last night with hope for more such events, media support and a growing knowledge and appreciation as our Maltese presence grows abroad. A big shoutout to the organisers!

Follow Malta Takes London on Facebook to keep up to date with these Maltese acts and next year’s showcase.


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