Music developments you NEED to know about.

This is a somewhat nerdy post attempting to explain Blockchain, the Internet of Things and VR developments slightly whilst doing them justice. The future of music and technology is bright!

Blockchain Technology a product of Bitcoin and the deep web is an extremely sophisticated public ledger which basically lumps digital records together into a chain using complex algorithms. The encryption of information is carried out by different computers and if they all agree they receive a digital signature. Once updated the info can’t be tampered with. This makes it very hard for hackers to attach it keeping the data secure and private. How can this help in the music industry? This technology could come in handy in the publishing and copyright sectors abolishing the need for third parties such as ASCAP whilst also ensuring copyright holders get the money they deserve. The relationship between consumers and creators can truly flourish under this system.  Read More


The internet of things, simply put is having anything with an on/off switch connected to the internet and thus connected to each other and us. This intricate weave of connections will use data collected about us (ie. heart rate, mood, location) and offer a next level ‘service’. The most relevant current examples are Amazon Dash and Apple’s Home app allowing you access to ‘smart-home’ technology reordering products or activating appliances from your phone. Admittedly this doesn’t sound too exciting at this point in time however it is the future possibilities this system opens up in music that are truly awe worthy. DJs or live performers can alter their performances in real time according to the heart rate response of their audience picked up on wearables. Musicians won’t necessarily need to be on tour with the artists they perform with but through remote recording technology they can be playing their riffs in London whilst having the sound projected to thousands in Tokyo live in optimum quality. WOW!


Augmented Reality was a huge feature at the recent ‘Hackathon’ and undoubtedly will play a big part in not only music businesses but commerce worldwide. VR is slowly being used more and more in gaming and for live events. The creative ways it can be used in the music industry are many however the real question is how will bands make revenue off it?


What do you think about these developments and what they mean for the music industry?


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