October Envy

This post is chok-a-block with must haves and must sees for the month. What are you waiting for?

Anything you think we should share? Drop us a line at bizscenebleeding@gmail.com. We LOVE to hear from you.

Stuck for Oktoberfest and Halloween events?

Check out the FEVER app for event ideas and offers. Benefit from £5 credit when you download.

My Track of the Month

October Cocktails

Check out some delicious seasonal cocktail recipes. Perfect for Halloween and your Health! Pumpkins are nto only full of fibre, they’ve also been proven to lower your blood pressure and improve your quality of sleep.

Mi.Mu Glove for Music – An unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign: These gloves are slowly catching the eye of several respected musicians. They track your hand movement and translate this into sound through their software system.

Wahaca Day of The Dead

You will need to fork out just under thirty quid to enter however with great up coming acts, art debates and a whole tonne of culture (not to mention 10% of all sales going to charity) it’s worth the cash.

”…a 12 hour partycelebrating the dead and the living, through the indulgence and debauchery of loud music, fine food and provocative debate, surrounded by beautiful art.”

Nuff said.



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