The Grafton Fridays

As of November 2014 a new Bournemouth based band, The Grafton Fridays, has hit the scene.

The band have a versatile Alternative/indie sound with mellow vibes and feel good rhythms throughout (definitely a good choice for those into easy listening) with shifts into the indie rock genre in particular tracks. Their music is inspired by Kings of Leon, Bon Iver and The Strokes.

Get a taste of their upcoming EP to be released early April 2015:

Band members Shane Doherty, as Lead Vocalist and Rhythm Guitarist, Dan Finch, Lead Guitarist, Joe Wilcox on Bass, Harry ‘Pav’ Pawlik on Drums and backing vocalist Matt Boner, were brought together through their mutual interest in media studies.

The boys are all Bournemouth University media students who, interestingly enough, are responsible for all the band photography and artwork and intend on making their own DIY music videos in the future. IMG_0391 Upcoming gigs

Keep updated with the boys:

Facebook Page

Youtube Channel

Bandcamp page


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