In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn…

… as Phil Collins rightly said, and I had the pleasure of learning about the experiences of four established industry individuals straight from the horse’s mouth.

FullSizeRender IMG_0260


Ella Eyre, Charlie Arme and James Merritt

We were up bright and early last Wednesday for a morning master class at the Under the Bridge Venue. Charlie Arme, James Merritt and Ella Eyre spared the time to spread some words of inspiration to up and coming music students just before proceeding to jet off to LA to work on Ella’s latest project.

20 year old, Ella, who is of half Jamaican and half Maltese decent, is best known for her feature on Rudimental’s ‘Waiting All Night’. 

Ella gave insight into her development from a young aspiring artist at Brit School to the number one selling singer/songwriter she is today, the importance she gives to her identity as an artist, her crew as well as her plans for the future. View a short clip below:

Charlie and James complemented Ella’s speech through their discussion about how Ella was scouted, her current management and their own career paths delving into UK radio and Tileyard Music, a boutique management and publishing company.

Craig Duffy

Craig Duffy, 2011 TPi Tour Manger of the Year, has worked with and managed worldwide tours for some great bands amongst them, Duran Duran and Blur.

A nostalgic glance back into his past revealed some great stories, from quick problem solving when Live Aid had no venue just a few weeks before going live, to the crazier happenings, including being held at gun point when breaking up a fight on the Gorillaz tour in Nigeria (which Craig said ‘keep him young’ and made it all ‘that bit more exciting’).

It’s accurate to say Craig has pretty much seen it all.

Some great points stressed for those wishing to break into the live sector of the industry were:

  • You never know enough, keep learning
  • The best way to get opportunities to work in live events is through networking, connections and a good reputation
  • Start out small, work for free, gain some experience and build your way up from there

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