London’s Hidden Gems And Places To Be…

After taking a well needed holiday break, we are kicking off 2015 with more news on all things music, just for you. Biz Scene Bleeding is back with the scoop on some great music venues which are guaranteed to make your night (or day) that bit more melodic.

The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town, Shoreditch

Up for something a little bit different? Look no further.  The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town is one of London’s hidden gems tucked away behind a Smeg fridge inside Shoreditch’s Breakfast Club branch. This edgy venue boasts luscious cocktails, great music and a plethora of sandwiches and platters all in a mysteriously funky atmosphere. It is not only a great place to kick off your evening, the venue also offers a daring way to start the day with a morning deal of a sneaky drink and a delicious breakfast.

Insider advice..

In keeping with the mysterious vibe in order to gain access you must ask to see the Mayor after which you will be discreetly escorted through the fridge door. Be warned: the one bar rule is to NEVER exit through the fridge door.


The Harrington Club/Boujis Weekends, South Kensington

If you are ready to get the party going and perhaps on a tighter budget, these two clubs function on a word of mouth offer getting you great deals from promoters.

Fridays at the Harrington Club: The Harrington Club, is a premier boutique nightclub playing the best music in a slick, vibrant atmosphere.

Saturdays at Boujis: Luxury nightclub with world class DJs.

If you manage to get yourself on the guest list, and in the club before 11pm you will benefit from: FREE entry for girls and 50% off entry for guys (£10) as well as free drinks before 11pm.

Email me on or contact me (Nikki Camilleri) on Facebook to get on the guest list.

Insider advice..

Show up at 9.50pm to beat the queue and get inside in time for free drinks. If you are up for a Saturday night at Boujis be warned dress code is strict. Dress smartly to avoid being turned away at the door.

The Troubadour Cafe and Club, Earl’s Court

Great food, historical aura and fantastic music. Dating back to the 1950s the cafe walls are adorned with relics from the past, including album covers which display the Troubadour itself. This venue has long been linked to music having had the likes of Hendrix, Dylan, Mitchell, and Doherty play in its underground club. Mellow music and the odd poetry reading contribute to a bohemian vibe which is sure to help you unwind after a long, stressful day.

Insider advice..

Arrive before 7.00 pm to get a place to sit.



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