Lunch with Sting and a picture of James Brown above his toilet- Meeting Bob Masters

I had the opportunity to meet and chat with Bob Masters last night and what an experience that was. With his bubbly, down to earth and cut-the-crap mentality the man has a Bible’s worth of stories from having lunch with Sting to eating Hard Rock Cafe burgers with James Brown to witnessing Stevie Wonder’s comeback tantrum first hand.

Hear a short clip on how Emeli Sande was found from Bob himself:

Masters offered some great insight into the field of TV & Radio in relation to music. Here are some of the main points we went away with:

  • New acts are not broken on regional radio or Capitol, BBC and One Extra are better bets.
  • Getting on the big stations requires a build up so start small. The only way to get on TV is through radio.
  • Get your track played wherever you can as it serves as confirmation ie. you’ve got backing
  • Speak with passion, do something different, walk away at the end of the day saying ‘I couldn’t have done anymore.’

More about the man himself…

Masters staretd out as a DJ and built his way up from there working as head of TV & Radio at Sony.

”He has had a lifetime of music & been a mainstay of the DJ circuit over the years (Southport, Caister, Rio’s, Special Branch to name a few), was a one-time record dealer & has in the past worked successfully for labels such as Sleeping Bag, A&M & Sony Music.”

Masters is still active in the music industry working as a promoter, DJ and consultant through his own website AirAid offerin his expertise o young up and coming bands.

”He’s still DJ’ing, promoting & plugging new music @ radio & TV, and he’s also a husband, father & the family chauffeur (his words, not ours.)”


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