Love, Music and a bit of hope. Freddie Calls November 8th

Credit: Tom Leishman (Left to right: Dan, Matt, Tom, Nicky)

If you haven’t already heard of them, Freddie Calls are an up and coming 4 piece pop rock group with all the makings of a proper band. Here at Biz Scene Bleeding we were lucky enough to get to interview the boys before their show last saturday night.

From our chat it was easy to see that these guys have great band dynamics with the more ‘out there’ members complemented nicely by the calmer more collected ones and furthermore a great relationship with their managers. Who you see in their performance on stage is exactly who you get off stage, and thats a group full of energy! They give 110%, easily getting everyone dancing, jumping and singing along to their tunes.

Its no wonder they’ve established a following in such early stages of their career when it’s challenging to leave one of their shows without a smile on your face and not feeling atleast a little bit inspired.

Credit: Leanne Woodbridge

The Interview

  • How did the band form? 

‘’Me and Dan were neighbours, I’d pass his house and hear him playing the drums everyday. Matt and Nicky lived close by too’’ – Tom

Being an all-Maltese band, location played a big part. Nicky and Dan had also previosuly played together in a metal band. Noticing the four of them had a passion for music and a certain style in common, playing together was a given. Matt moved up to London first then the others followed suit enrolling in music colleges. This allowed the boys to play together more resulting in the formation of what is now Freddie calls.


  • Your name ‘Freddie Calls’ is quite original. What’s the story behind this?

They all smirked and turned to their manager. 

’’Haha that’s a bit of a sore point’’- Tom                                                                                       ‘’Are we ready to give this away?’’ – Matt                                                                                ‘’Maybe just a little bit’’ – Manager                                                                                               ‘’Ok, so it has something to do with a broken mic and a calling to something’’ – Tom                     And Freddie who is that?                                                                                                                    ‘’hmm.. that’s no one person in particular it’s more about the calling’’ – Matt

All we can do is speculate for now.


  • I’ve heard you write your own songs, what’s the creative process you go through to do this?

‘’We all contribute to the writing, it’s really a team effort’’ – Tom                                                     ‘’We haven’t really found our method yet’, we’re always trying different set ups and we don’t limit ourselves to our own instrument’’ – Nicky                                                                                 ‘’We’re constantly writing new material, we have hundreds of songs we put aside and revisit’’ – Matt                                                                                                                                                 ‘’The major thing is when something feels right, it feels right to all fo us and we just know it!’’- Tom

  • Congratulations on the successful release of your two singles. These were released at the beginning of 2014. What have you guys been up to since then?

‘’LOTS of Gigging and just getting our stuff out there. We had been writing a lot now we are just building a fan base, sharing our music with everyone’’ – Matt      

 ’We’re also in the process of recording new songs’’- Dan

  • In our opinion and from getting feedback from our friends in ‘The Watcher’ and ‘In my eyes’ it’s was pretty clear to see that love was a main inspiration. Can we expect to see this as a recurring theme in your future releases or have you gone for something different?

 ‘’Oh that’s interesting actually, we always love to hear other people’s interpretation of our songs. Obviously since we write our songs, they mean one thing to us, but when you put a song out it essentially isn’t yours anymore, each and every person who hears it, it becomes their song, so that’s pretty cool’’- Tom

‘’To us it’s not about the boyfriend and girlfriend type of love, its more about love in general’’- Matt

Hmm ye I noticed in ‘The Watcher’ you start off slow and there’s a sort of change… in tempo, is it?

‘’Haha no we trick you!’’ laughed tom

”The thing is, one underlying feature we have in all songs is that we start from a more subdued, ‘negative’ point like ‘The Watcher’ starts ‘’ I lost my soul on an open road..’’ as the song develops the tempo remains the same but there is a transition to a more upbeat sound, the positive aspect, hope essentially’’ – Tom

‘’ Yeah we want to show people there’s always hope’’ -Matt

  • What are your plans for the future?

‘’Short term plans, well we’re releasing our EP in Spring 2015 and we’ll definitely be gigging a lot more in the coming months’’ – Dan

 ”In the long term we want to tour around the UK, build Freddie calls following and get and even larger reach.”- Nicky 


Youtube Channel

Freddie Calls Website


Missed their show last saturday? Not to worry, get all the info for their next gig below

Freddie Calls Gig December 4th


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