Giving up and coming talent airtime – Interview with Burst Radio Host Sasha Brown

21 year old, Bristol Uni Drama student and radio presenter, Sasha Brown, hosts the music segment every Monday at 5pm on Burst radio, ‘Burst Music Official’, in which she interviews various acts, from up and coming unsigned talent, from Bristol uni and BIMM, to more established visiting artists. She has been fortunate enough to interview the likes of Newton Faulkner, The Computers and DJ EZ, to name a few.


Here at Biz Scene Bleeding we decided to turn the tables on Sasha inviting her for an interview. See our Q&A with her below:

Why did you choose to join Burst Radio?

I joined Burst in my first year. I realised that radio was an amazing platform to promote my own music and to meet like-minded people and I’ve not been disappointed!

Tell me a bit more about your radio show. Why have you chosen to give up and coming
artists the opportunity to be featured?

So, I became Head of Music at Burst Radio this year. This has been such an amazing opportunity for me, although a lot of work! I’m getting to listen to a ton of new music, lead the music team and sort out some amazing interviews. As well as this, I’m constantly contacted by labels, meet some really interesting people along the way and have even started to collaborate with a few myself.

.The idea for the ‘Burst Introducing playlist’ stemmed from my own experience as an artist, knowing how difficult it is trying to break into the industry. I think I’ve changed my attitude over the past few years. I used to think that music was a competition, but the industry is competitive enough! It’s way more important to help each other rather than compete because if the music is good enough, then there’s enough room for us both. So this is where the idea for the segment started!

Apart from being a radio, host you also have your own music career. Tell me
more about that.

Yeah, I’m a singer, songwriter. I also play the saxophone but it’s the singing which is my real passion. I have quite an eclectic style. I hate defining genres because I’m into avariety of music but if I had to pin point a musical style I would say that my sound mixes commercial Pop, House and light R’n’B, with soulful undertones.

I write the lyrics and top lines on my tracks and work with an amazing guitarist and friend, Mason. For the past year, I have also been working with the lovely DJ Bunjy, Laid Blak’s producer leading to the release of our debut music video last summer.I’ve recently been working with the talented London duo, Brodanse and we have a few exciting House tracks in the pipeline.

I’ve been mostly refining my song writing skills and hitting up the studio but I do love to gig (and I need to do it more!). Some highlights for me so far have been gigging at Proud Camden and Movida nightclub, touring Croatia last summer as well as performing at Westfield London this year, which was just fantastic!

 What are your plans for the future?

This year, I’m having fun experimenting with my music and exploring a few different styles. I’m enjoying writing and I’m constantly finding new musicians and producers to work with. Next year, I finish my degree and will be heading back to London to work on my music seriously. I have a few producers who I am very excited to start working with in the future.I wouldn’t be opposed to a radio show either, but hey, let’s see what happens!

 You can keep updated on Sasha on the links below:

Sound Cloud:

Want to be featured on Burst Radio? Contact Sasha by e-mail or on Facebook




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