Looking past the business…

Throughout this week I’ve made it a point to take an interest in different sectors within the music industry. The scope being, to increase my understanding of the people I work with which, in turn will make for better results.

Music Production can be quite a technical sector but having at least a basic idea of what it entails IMG_0002would definitely be  beneficial. From  getting     an idea of how studio equipment is set up/controlled and  using digital audio workstations to mixing, and mastering.IMG_0010

IMG_0004Song writing is another sector I was really interested in, having done a bit of it in the past. Getting stuck into it is pretty simple. You can start by brainstorming with singer /songwriters, reviewing their work or even writing songs   for artists yourself.IMG_0008

I’m always eager to see new and varied musical material, as I believe it gives me a better perspective and keeps my viewpoint diverse, thus ending most of my days with more scouting.


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