Stay tuned to Burst Radio 5PM this aftenoon

London based band House of Lions will be featured in Sasha Brown’s weekly show on Burst Radio this afternoon at 5pm.

Stay tuned online.

Sasha Brown, Head of Music at Burst Radio, Bristol University’s student radio station, hosts her weekly show giving BIMM Bristol artists along with other hopefuls the chance to be heard each week. This week’s feature:

House of Lions 


BIMM Bristol guitar student, Tom Rea and his fellow band members, Ed Vyvyan (Vocals) Dougal Gray (Rhythm Guitar) Will Ryder (Bass Guitar) Jake Gidley (Drums), have taken a year out to pursue their musical careers in London. Achieving promising feedback from several industry entities, they continue to pave their way to success.

Their guitar and synth driven sound complemented by Vyvyan’s soulful vocals makes for a unique and enticing result that is wholly House of Lions.

Liked House of Lions?  Stay tuned for their debut album which will be released in 2015. Get more House of Lions music and keep updated on the links below.

Youtube Channel:




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