Ed Sheeran- Brand AUTHENTICITY? Check

Went to Ed Sheeran’s final performance at the O2 yesterday night. Have to admit, Sheeran was not one of my favourite artists and I was considering this as just a fun night out I got dragged along to with my friends, but boy did I leave impressed! We’ve long heard fans rave on about his angelic voice and I must admit I questioned if he would live up to his reputation live. For all other doubtfuls out there- HE DOES!

Keeping a crowd that big entertained through 16 songs with nothing but a guitar and his talent is a feat in itself.

On another note, hats off to the customer safety team who did an absolutely splendid job of getting us in and out quickly and keeping spacing(in the standing area) along with everything else in order throughout the show. (and also for having a little dance with us in the more upbeat tunes)

Yes, it does not come more AUTHENTIC than Ed Sheeran…a real talent!


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